About us

MU GWON WI is a fashion brand for disobeying minds. The brand exposes the taboos, discomforts the majority and makes us question. By decomposing the authority, the brand offers their ultimate value “Liberation from one’s self”.


Madmans Esprit is a solo project of 叫號(Kyuho), with changing lineups of live members supporting the band’s live activity.

The band’s music is strongly rooted in different subgenres of black metal but, by actively mixing various influences from other genres from visual kei to Korean folk music, the band is constantly evolving its sound while keeping the core, which is described as “Depressive Suicidal Blackened Pop”.

After the successful headlining EU tour in 2019, the band had been mainly active in Asia during the pandemic, touring various venues in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

In 2023 the band won the best metal/hardcore album KMA (Korean Music Award) with its latest full-length album “나는 나를 통해 우리를 보는 너를 통해 나를 본다“ and now the band is planning to have more international tour activities followed by new releases.


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